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Add your vote for the birds!

Who will win bird of the year? We believe in looking after our birds and all Australian species. This bird poll draws attention to the birds we all love. Everyone has a bird story. Everyone, perhaps without even noticing it, will have birds in their life. The poll is also a chance to draw attention to some of the big challenges Australian birds are facing, such as habitat loss and climate change. Vote now!  

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Count your Backyard Birds

Birds are just like people. In order to survive, they need a comfortable living environment with all the same things we need – food, water and shelter. On the 21-27 October 2019 we want you to count your backyard birds and help check the health of our Aussie Backyards. We’re encouraging every Aussie to count their birds and of course add a bird from the WilsonPayne collection to your home too.  

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