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  • Socks that Fly

    Now in Australia, even our socks can remind us of home. Whatever your favourite Aussie bird, we've got a selection of the iconic Australian birds for you to wear on your feet. These Aussie Socks will make your feet fly. What a fun gift for yourself and your friend. Show yours off today!

  • The Scent of Australia

    Whether you're looking for a scented candle for yourself or as a gift for a special friend or family member, you'll enjoy the soy-based scented candles at WilsonPayne. The WilsonPayne candles bring the scent of Australia to your home and these Australian scented candles are for the sophisticated.
  • Australians love a teatowel

    Aussies love a teatowel. We use them, collect them, show them off and keep the far too long. WilsonPayne teatowels are fun and they're collectable works of art that you'll be proud to show in your kitchen or gift to a friend.
  • It all started with a gift...

    It all started with a gift. Two years ago, we designed and produced teatowels. When they were so enthusiastically received that we had requests to purchase them, it was the beginning of WilsonPayne.