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The Wonderful West Wildflowers

A world famous event starts in July, that is, the dazzling wildflowers of Western Australia. Western Australia will be carpeted in the colourful blooms of more than 12,000 species, 60 per cent of which can’t be found anywhere else on the planet and it is the largest spectacle in the world too. Us Australians really do things the best - don't we!


We love these blooms so we put them on a teatowel to enjoy all year. From the Kangaroo paw, to the Everlasting daisy, Hakea or the oh so Australian Sturt desert pea. The Fantastic Flora teatowel is a stunning celebration for the eyes and will a beautiful compliment to any kitchen.

WilsonPayne Fantastic Flora Teatowel

Fantastic Flora Teatowel flowers – Billy buttons, Bottlebrush, Christmas bells, Cooktown orchid, Donkey orchid, Everlasting daisy, Golden wattle, Gum leaves, Hakea, Heart flame pea, Kangaroo paw, Pink heath, Royal bluebell, Sturt desert pea, Sturt desert rose, Sun orchid, and Tasmanian blue gum.