Socks On Trend

Colourful socks, it seems, are no longer just for children and eccentrics: they are being worn by professionals – particularly men – in workplaces across Australia. Coloured dress socks are making an appearance in boardrooms or being worn with black tie too. 

The rise of the crazy sock in this country has been swift. Sales of brightly coloured and novelty socks have increased 1000 per cent in the past four years. With the majority of the pick-up since 2015 been the most dramatic.

The broader growth of the crazy-sock market are at play – like a greater expressiveness by Australian men and the waning popularity of the tie are two likely causes.

WilsonPayne designs its socks to bring to life the Australian characters that surround us everyday. Most of our native birds are colourful.

WilsonPayne Gouldian Finch

Pictured here is the Gouldian Finch sock. That little bird is so vibrant that it is their actual colours making the sock bright and colourful. And only you know that there is a cute face on them. When your pants hitch up just the beautiful colourful details of the sock are revealed around the ankle.

A favourite at WilsonPayne has to be the Kookaburra with Mr Payne regularly wearing his. The stripes on the Kookaburra tail feathers make for a lovely stripe on the ankle.

WilsonPayne Kookaburra Socks

As a lot of customers share with us, they dress in quite basic colours – a white shirt, a pullover in grey or blue, and jeans – so the socks give their outfit a bit of a fun element.

If you want to express yourself and add a bit of fun then make sure you add some of these Aussie Bird Socks to your drawers and on your feet today.