Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Winter has arrived in Australia so it's time to appreciate the beauty of this season.

It’s the winter solstice for us downunder, so we’ll be experiencing the shortest day of the year this month, the perfect time to catch the late sunrise and early sunset.

WilsonPayne Iced Vovo

Winter is an opportunity to bunker down, sleep more, curl up by the fire and eat more. You can abandon the health kick in favour of comfort food and a relationship with your doona. The Iced VoVo is a lovely snack to dunk in a nice warm cuppa or maybe you prefer a Tim Tam. 

The Iced VoVo is a sweet biscuit first made by Arnott's around 1904.  It has two strips of pink icing and a strip of jam on top and is covered in desiccated coconut. New Zealand tried to claim that a Kiwi biscuit company was the first to make Iced VoVos, but after a little more research, they have conceded that Arnott’s have a stronger case.

Either way our AussieSnacks teatowel is the perfect kitchen accessory this season, with the right balance of pretty, cute and yummy treats to tempt. And the Iced VoVo is just one of the classic Aussie snacks featured on our teatowel.

And even though it’s cold out, winter can still be fun. Let it Snow! Let it Snow!